Ultimate Purity, Starting from the Source
Let pets’ meals back to the pure origin.With the advantage of plentiful source from the great nature in Canada, AURORIA is able to provide grain-free & natural pet food. We choose pure ingredients in the very beginning because our philosophy is to make good use of purity out of the nature by friendly and sustainable farming. In this way, we ensure pets can enjoy their meal safely.


  • Heading

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  • Krill

    Provides not only EPA & DHA, but also phospholipids & plentiful astaxanthin.
  • Organic food materials

    We insist on choosing organic materials from Canada.
  • Superfood

    More than 10 superfood are used to be the nutritional resources.
  • Probiotics

    Add prebiotics to enrich gut bacteria and improve digestive system.



Auroria Grain-Free Natural Food is truly the favorite of my cat! Packed with phospholipid nutrients, her bones are healthier, and she's full of vitality. Every bite is a care for her health, and seeing her so happy brings me great peace of mind.


Auroria Grain-Free Natural Food is my cat's favorite! She eats with relish, her fur is glossy, and she's full of energy. The grain-free formula gives me peace of mind, and I firmly believe that only Auroria can provide her with the most natural and nutritionally rich nutrients.


My beloved dog has fallen in love with Auroria Grain-Free Natural Food! Every bite exudes a natural aroma, making her fur silky and vibrant. Without grains, her health is well-protected. Seeing the satisfied expression on her face, I am even more confident in choosing Auroria – the favorite choice for pet care!


I am delighted by the phospholipid benefits of Auroria Grain-Free Natural Food! Combining high-quality phospholipid ingredients, it promotes the healthy development of pet bones and strengthens muscle structure. My pet loves it and is full of vitality!